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Jennifer Tran-Smith | Manage My Data

As an evaluation consultant specializing in strategic evaluation and data management, I partner closely with organizations to bridge the gap between their operational goals and data-driven outcomes.
Services Offered:
  • Strategy and Evaluation: I work closely with your team to develop evaluation strategies to achieve your organizational goals. This process includes crafting detailed program logic models, facilitating strategic planning sessions, and integrating change management practices. We also select and implement the right software solutions to ensure accurate data capture and reflection of your activities, which supports informed decision-making and enhances strategic outcomes.
  • Data Collection and Technology Integration: Through interviews, focus groups, surveys, and stakeholder consultation, we gain an understanding of your goals and design effective, cost-efficient data collection tools to capture both qualitative and quantitative data, demonstrating the valuable insights from your organization’s hard work.
  • Reporting and Analysis: We will transform your raw data into coherent and compelling narratives that clearly articulate the impact of your programs. I produce meticulously detailed reports and presentations that are tailored to meet the needs of diverse audiences, including boards, funders, and community members, ensuring that the findings are accessible and actionable.
Jennifer Tran-Smith | Manage My Data

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