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Tammy Horne, Ph.D., CE | WellQuest Consulting Ltd.

Since 1994, WellQuest has supported organizations to make a difference in their communities through evidence-informed planning and evaluation — across multiple human services sectors, and through intersectoral and system-focused initiatives involving partnerships and networks. WellQuest has a strong overall focus on promoting community health, and to equity, diversity, and inclusion.

As Principal, I am a lifelong earner with a passion for building on people’s strengths to support their learning and growth. I have a Certificate in Adult and Continuing Education and use adult learning principles to foster active learning and application. I bring a mix of academic social science training and community-based evaluation experience — to balance rigour with relevance, feasibility, and context.

I most often work alongside people in organizations or communities as a “critical friend”, guide or coach (using Art of Coaching approach), and facilitator of reflective and strategic conversations. Evaluation approaches and methods are co-created to fit each situation. I also offer customized professional development opportunities on various topics, as well as support to organizations for choosing and working with consultants. With 20 years of online teaching and facilitation experience, I work well remotely as well as in-person.

I am also an Adjunct Associate Professor with the Centre for Healthy Communities (School of Public Health) at the University of Alberta.

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